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A Lift - New revolutionary technology for age reversal

The A-Lift treatment uses revolutionary nano-current technology (electrical currents so small they are measured in millionths of an amp) that is adjusted to synchronize with the unique natural frequency of your body to begin combating ageing, essentially turning back time at a cellular level.

In just one 45 minute treatment you will see a genuine improvement to your skin texture, muscle tone, deep lines and wrinkles. After a short course you will be amazed at the visible, long lasting results.

1 Treatment


  • Recommended 2 Treatments a week results last 6 months
  • When a Course of 10 treatments are booked you get one treatment FREE.
  • After 10 treatments £25.00 month / maitenance

Additional information about A-lift

  • Used by top celebrities to get their artistic eyebrows
  • Facelift without botox or fillers.
  • Delivers waveform to the skin and muscle tissues by communicated directly with cells
  • Gentle but powerful, no harmful chemicals, pain free and no side effects.

Watch the A Lift Video*

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